A coyote recently photographed in Coconut Creek. {Courtesy Coconut Creek Police Department Facebook page}
A coyote photographed in Coconut Creek. {Courtesy Coconut Creek Police Department Facebook page}

By Kevin Deutsch

Coconut Creek Police are urging residents not to panic following a series of coyote sightings in Township Estates, telling locals the animal will “probably just move on” when spotted.

Coyotes are considered extremely timid and do not generally present any danger to humans, but during their pupping season, from April to August, female coyotes can sometimes become more protective and territorial over their young, according to the police department.

Coyotes are commonly found in urban areas and suburbs due to their everyday diet of small mammals such as mice, rats, and squirrels. They play an important role in keeping Coconut Creek’s rodent population under control, police said.

“Some of you living in the Township Estates have been asking us what to do about a coyote that’s been around there the past few days,” the police department said in a post on its Facebook page. “It pretty much posed for this nice picture below that one resident sent us. The bottom line is not to panic. It’ll probably just move on.”

Police offered the following tips for residents:

– Keep small dogs on a short leash and look after them when they’re outside, especially at night. Coyotes are nocturnal and are most active during dusk and dawn hours.

– Don’t leave trash or pet food outside.

– Pick up all fallen fruit.

– If a coyote comes around, it can be left alone or scared away by waving one’s arms and yelling. Noisemakers, like an airhorn, are also effective.

If a coyote is trapped or someone is feeding the animal, residents should call (954) 973-6700 to reach the police department’s non-emergency line.

“Due to the rodent population being the number one food source for coyotes, handling all rodent issues in a timely fashion is especially necessary to keep the coyotes at bay,” the department said on a web page dedicated to local coyote information.

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