Debbi Debra Hixon

By Jill Fox

Debbi Hixon won Seat 9 on the Broward County School Board with 67 percent of the votes over Dr. Jeff Holness.

A teacher for 31 years, including 27 in the classroom, she worked as a magnet coordinator at South Broward High School for the past four.

Seat 9 is an at-large position –  meaning she will represent Broward County, so expect to see her in Parkland, Coral Springs and Tamarac.

Hixon said she is excited to be a voice for the community.

“I want to move us forward and make positive changes that are good for the students and the staff,” she said.

In 2018, Hixon lost her husband, Chris, in the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. She has two sons, including one with special needs, and she, along with them, all graduated from South Broward High School.

Hixon celebrated her victory at home with a virtual toast on Zoom with her family and her volunteers.

She will be sworn in on November 17, a number that continues to hold a lot of meaning for her.

“The number 17 seems to pop up a lot in my life, so it’s just another way it seems this is meant to be,” she said.

With safety and security as her biggest priority, Hixon said COVID does fall into that category.

“The poor ventilation in schools, air conditioning units, mold issues – we need to provide the safest things for our students and teachers,” she said.

One of the first subjects she wants to tackle is the bond issue and how to move that forward faster.

She said the bond and COVID are intertwined.

“I would like to thank the Broward voters for having confidence in me,” she said, “I am excited to serve them for the next four years.”

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Jill Fox
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