Coconut Creek Recognizes Do The Right Thing February 2023 Honorees
Cory Lewis and Coconut Creek High School Principal Nicole Nearor {Coconut Creek Police}

By Bryan Boggiano

The Coconut Creek Police Department honored five people who made a difference in the community at the February Do The Right Thing Awards ceremony on Feb. 23 at City Hall, located at 4800 W. Copans Road.

The award recipients include Cory Lewis, Diogo Oliveira, Anastasia Morales, Abby Anderson, and Kevin Finan.

Award recipients go to students and teachers affiliated with a school in the city, live in the city, or have some other connection to Coconut Creek, according to Scott Leamon, public safety information officer.

February 2023 Do The Right Thing Award Recipients

Cory Lewis

Lewis is a student at Coconut Creek High School and the 27th award winner from the school. Troy Grant, a former Coconut Creek Do The Right Thing Teacher of the Month, nominated him.

He is a member of his high school’s football team, a mentor of the school’s Mentoring Tomorrow’s leader’s program, a musician, and a drummer during his church’s services at Believers’ Life Christian Center in Fort Lauderdale.

One day after school, Lewis heard the cries of a parent whose daughter was having a seizure.

He immediately jumped into action, laying the student on the floor in a position that would not lead to further injury. He directed others to get help.

Lewis’s quick thinking comes from his own family. His father, Carlos, is prone to seizures, so he knew what to do and how to act in a cool, calm, and collected manner, according to the department.

Diogo Oliveira

Oliveira is a freshman at Monarch High School. Alexis Dorta, a school resource officer, nominated him, making him the 33rd winner of his school.

He decided to “do the right thing” following likes and comments he received to a video on TikTok.

On Dec. 6, two students got into a fistfight in between classes.

The department noted that while up to 30 students gathered to watch and record the fight on their phones, he did something different.

Oliveira helped break up the fight and brought the injured kid to the nurse’s office. He even carried the student’s backpack for him.

“Instead of doing what everyone else did by watching and recording, Diogo did the right thing and helped a classmate in need,” Alexis said on Diogo’s nomination form.

Coconut Creek Recognizes Do The Right Thing February 2023 Honorees
Diogo Oliveira with his mother and brother {Coconut Creek Police}

Anastasia Morales

Morales is a fourth grader at Coconut Creek Elementary School. One of her teachers, Mariko Craig, nominated her, making Morales the 14th winner from her school.

Her award recognition follows a history of involvement and volunteerism in the community.

In second grade, Morales won the school’s Peace Poem Contest. Morales went on to win the best poem at the Broward County Public School System’s Elementary Division.

Morales is also a competitive dancer at an unspecified Coral Springs dance studio. Besides practicing four nights a week, she returns on Saturdays to help kids between two and four years old prepare for dance recitals.

She is also a swim team member, serves as a safety patrol, and was twice voted the hardest working volunteer member of her church’s Greek Festival program.

Coconut Creek Recognizes Do The Right Thing February 2023 Honorees
Anastasia Morales accepting her Do The Right Thing award with family and friends {Coconut Creek Police Facebook}

Abby Anderson

Anderson is an eighth grader at Lyons Creek Middle School. Guidance Counselor David Rodriguez nominated her, making her the 28th winner from the school.

A scholar athlete and Broward County Cambridge Scholar, Anderson has completed four advanced placement high school courses and is working on her fifth.

In the nomination form, Rodriguez commended Anderson’s personality and the fact that she plays more competitive sports than he can keep track of.

“[Abby Anderson] is the embodiment of grace, joy, humility, and excellence,” he wrote.

Coconut Creek Recognizes Do The Right Thing February 2023 Honorees
Abby Anderson and her family {Coconut Creek Police}

Kevin Finan

Finan is the Do The Right Thing Teacher of the Month and comes from Atlantic Technical High School. Officer Brett Micallef nominated him, and Finan is the second winner from the school.

He teaches machining, and in the fall, the department notes Harbor Freight Tools for Schools awarded him $50,000 to use his classroom.

Finan was one of 20 teachers from 15 states to win the grant.

He will use that money to buy a robot to teach students automation.

In a statement to Broward Schools, Harbor Freight Executive Director Danny Corwin said, “Hands-on skilled trade classes are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the accomplishments of these remarkable teachers and their programs.”

Coconut Creek Recognizes Do The Right Thing February 2023 Honorees
Kevin Finan surrounded by family and friends {Coconut Creek Police}

To apply for the Do The Right Thing award or to nominate somebody, applications are available on the police department’s website.

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