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Becca, Michele, and Jacob Mizrachy {courtesy family}

By Hank McCoy

To show appreciation and help teachers with supplies, a family has created an Adopt a Teacher Facebook page. 

Michele Mizrachy, a Middle School guidance counselor at North Broward Preparatory School, her son Jacob, 17, a senior and daughter Becca, 15, a sophomore came up with Adopt a Teacher  — initially from an Adopt a Senior initiative.

“We just felt like teachers were really stressed about not knowing what the school year would look like, and in the spring when they were forced to go virtual, they were stressed about it, but they did it with a smile and were all amazing,” said Michele, who lives in Parkland’s MiraLago neighborhood.

When a member of the group adopts a teacher, they find out what their likes are or needs. The adoptee’s gifts vary from coffee mugs, gift cards, teaching supplies to use for e-learning, and some purchase gifts from the teacher’s Amazon wish list.

The Facebook group was created on July 26 and so far has adopted 125 teachers and so far has gained 764 members.

“If we could put smiles on their faces, it would help the parents. It would help the teachers, and they would, in turn, help the kids, and that was our mission,” Michele said.

“Such an amazing initiative. We are feeling the love, which is exactly what the doctor ordered during these difficult times,” said Spanish teacher Doly Arazi.

During Michele’s career in the school system as a counselor, she’s always had a mission of supporting teachers. If they’re happy, Michele explained, then teachers will do a great job and will be productive. The family feels that educators deserve the recognition for the hard work they do, especially when how they do their jobs are changing so much due to the pandemic. 

The Mizrachy’s don’t have any plans to grow the movement into something bigger; they hope to do their part and support teachers and school staff during these uncertain times.

Initially focused in Parkland, Coral Springs, and Coconut Creek, the family, would like others to start their own Adopt a Teacher group in a town near them. As for sponsorship, be it corporate or local, they are open to anybody who wants to sponsor or provide items for a raffle or giveaway.  

“We want to reward teachers. If there’s any business out there that wants to help us, we are more than happy to speak with them and see what they’re trying to do,” Jacob said.

One look at the Adopt a Teacher Facebook group page, and the impact is clear. The messages and posts on the page are positive, and the Mizrachy’s are happy that it has taken off the way it has. 

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