Heron Bay Golf course
Heron Bay Golf Club {photo by Sharon Aron Baron}

By Merrick Rosenberg

There is no reason a neighborhood the size of Heron Bay should have multiple homes overlooking a closed down golf course.

Heron Bay was once a TPC (tournament players club) golf course, and ClubLink is solely responsible for running this course into the ground. ClubLink’s only motive is to let the golf course die, close it down, and build homes on its land.

The Covid era has revitalized golf. More people are working from home these days; hence they have time and interest in playing golf. The driving range at one point was the only nighttime range in the Parkland area. If reopened, Heron Bay golf course and its range would be an absolute success.

Residents of the neighborhood should have a vote and their say in what happens to the golf course. I and many others are in favor of renovating a once-thriving golf facility.

It seems as if North Springs Improvement District (NSID) is looking to purchase Heron Bay for water conservation parks and recreation. While this is positive news that Heron Bay residents will not see homes developed on this land, why not just renovate the golf course?

Residents should have the opportunity to enjoy the Heron Bay golf club once again.

Merrick Rosenberg is a Heron Bay resident and worked golf operations for ClubLink for six years, three at Heron Bay and three at Eagle Trace in Coral Springs. He works at the Parkland Golf & Country Club, a thriving private course with an overflow of members. Bringing the Heron Bay golf course back would entice many Parkland residents. People love anything “new,” and a neighboring course to PGCC would be a success.

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