Heron Bay President Packs His Bags; Resigns from 3 Governing Bodies
Heron Bay Golf Course {Adam Baron}

By Neil Bass

Neil Vogel, President of the Heron Bay Homeowners Association, board member of North Springs Improvement District (NSID), and board member of the Parkland Planning & Zoning Division, abruptly announced his resignation at the Heron Bay HOA meeting on November 17, 2021.

As opposition to the proposed Heron Bay commercial development grows, Vogel announced that he is immediately leaving Parkland and moving back to New York, his hometown, citing a desire to be closer to his grandchildren.

Vogel’s departure comes at a difficult time for Heron Bay residents, as NSID and other government officials are orchestrating a massive commercial development to be built within the residential community.

Mark Bosua will replace Vogel as the new President of the Heron Bay HOA. It is unclear who will replace Vogel at NSID or P & Z. 

With six years remaining on the 30-year deed restriction on the Heron Bay Golf Course, NSID and other Parkland officials plan to circumvent the restriction and build the commercial project as quickly as possible. The restrictive covenant prevents construction on the golf course until at least December 2027. 

Although Mr. Vogel previously spoke out against the proposed commercial development, his board positions with the Heron Bay HOA and NSID may have represented a conflict of interest. Hence, Vogel’s departure from Parkland is not surprising.

On October 27, 2021, the Heron Bay HOA Board passed a resolution to allow Heron Bay homeowners an opportunity to vote for their support or opposition to any proposed development on the Heron Bay Golf Course. Crafted by Vogel and Heron Bay HOA attorneys, the board resolution makes no mention of the restrictive covenant.

Although the board resolution was a nice gesture, it appears that a vote by Heron Bay homeowners in support or against the proposed development would be non-binding and meaningless. Regardless, the rights belong to the homeowners, and it is not up to the HOA board to decide to remove the deed restriction.

In light of this, Heron Bay homeowners took it upon themselves and generated a grassroots effort to combat the proposed development and enforce the deed restriction by creating the non-profit entity Citizens Against Golf Course Redevelopment, Inc. (CAGCRI).

A legal battle may ensue between NSID and CAGCRI to ensure that Heron Bay homeowners have their voices heard and prevent getting steamrolled by NSID and the selected developer, Upper Buena Vista Management.

CAGCRI needs financial assistance to pay legal fees to keep up the fight to protect the future of our community. Please visit stophbstores.com and consider a contribution to CAGCRI.

Neil Bass has lived in Heron Bay in Parkland since 2012. Neil is a certified public accountant and owns a corporate tax consulting firm called Bass Tax Group. Neil lives with his wife, Leslie, and two children.

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