Astronomer Kyle Jeter Guide to the Galaxy: It's Written in the Stars
Kyle Jeter, astronomy teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, pictured at his home

By Agrippina Fadel

Local astronomer and Marjory Stoneman Douglas teacher Kyle Jeter invites residents to talk about black holes, time travel, and gravity.

In a presentation held Tuesday, July 12, at 6:30 p.m. at the Parkland Library, the “Black Holes and Einstein with Mr. Jeter” talk for teens and adults will include the discussion of the origin of black holes, what happens to objects falling into them, and whether the time travel is possible (it is).

“Who doesn’t love black holes? They fascinate everybody, from little kids to the greatest scientists alive. To me, they represent the great unknown,” said Jeter, adding that black holes are where the microscopic universe, beautifully described with Einstein’s relativity equations, meets the microscopic quantum worlds.

“It is where they come together, literally. And we don’t understand everything about it. We don’t have a quantum theory of gravity to explain black holes, which is why we don’t really know what happens once you get deep inside a black hole. It’s just that they are absolutely fascinating,” he added.

While Isaac Newton is the first name that comes to mind in any conversation about gravity, Albert Einstein first conceived a theory explaining the cause of gravity. Soon after, German physicist Karl Schwarzschild made a startling calculation based on Einstein’s general relativity equations that outlined the physics of what we now call black holes. Learn more about the science behind them at this library event.

Parkland Library card is required to register. To attend, fill out the form or call 954-757-4207. Parkland Library is located at 6620 University Drive.

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