Crime Update for Parkland Florida

By Kevin Deutsch

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates with residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through April 25, 2022.

Animal Bite

Redwood Ln.

On 04/20/2022, a dog owner was walking his labradoodle past a neighbor’s yard when a Pitbull exited the home from an open door, which a child had left open. The Pitbull bit the labradoodle on the neck, causing a minor wound/blood. The Pitbull’s owner was advised on quarantine procedures. 

Burglary Conveyance

Location Redacted

On 04/18/22, a victim alleged that an unknown suspect entered her 2021 Acura RDX through the front driver’s unlocked door and stole personal property from the vehicle. Tot. Est. Loss: $260.

Location Redacted

On 04/21/2022, an unidentified person removed a gas blower from a lawn trailer. Tot. Est. Loss: $500.

Seacoast Dr.

On 04/24/2022, the property was burglarized and damaged. Tot. Est. Loss: $12,240.

Burglary Building

Parkland Bay Tr.

On 04/25/2022, suspects cut the locks and entered several Conex boxes on a construction site. Tools and supplies totaling $16,500 were removed.

Burglary Residence

NW 95th Ln.

On 4/20/22, the victim advised she took her dog out for a short walk at approximately 0930 hours and was gone less than 10 minutes. When she returned, her dog ran toward the back of the home, barking. The victim heard a few words in Spanish and then heard her dog yelp. The victim then discovered her back sliding glass door was smashed. The suspect is a new hire to the victim’s flooring company and had worked in the victim’s home polishing her floors two weeks prior. The suspect has since then been a no-call no-show on jobs. It is evident by the short amount of time the suspect was in the home and the number of valuable items taken that the suspect knew the house’s layout and knew where the valuables were located.


Hillsboro Blvd.

On 4/7/22, an unknown subject opened a fraudulent account, then paid for merchandise with a fraudulent check. Tot. Est. Loss: $566.


Heron Bay Blvd.

On 04/20/2022, the subject fell off his black Surron electrical bike and collided with a tree on the side of the roadway.

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