Crime Update for Parkland Florida


By Kevin Deutsch

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through January 31, 2022. 


A person was the victim of battery at Publix, 8095 University Dr., on 01/29/2022. The suspect was upset over a road rage incident and followed the victim into Publix. The suspect then grabbed the victim by the collar, instigating a physical altercation—no injuries to either party.

Burglary Conveyance

A person was the victim of Burglary Conveyance on NW 88th Ave on 01/25/2022. Three to four unknown suspects went into three unlocked vehicles without the owner’s permission. The only item taken from the one vehicle was an Apple Watch 6. Tot. Est. Loss: $600.

NW 99th Way and NW 61st Ct.

People were the victims of Burglary Conveyance on NW 99th Way and NW 61st Ct on 01/25/2022. Unknown subjects attempted and committed burglaries by pulling on door handles on the first victim’s Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon. Both vehicles were parked in the driveway at NW 99th Way, and both vehicles were locked. Unknown subjects also entered the second victim’s unlocked Mercedes GLS, parked in the driveway at NW 61st Ct. Nothing was reported missing.

Nw 60th Pl.

A person was the victim of Burglary Conveyance on Nw 60th Pl on 01/25/2022. The victim reported $40 cash and three pairs of glasses taken from her unlocked vehicle. Tot. Est. Loss: $580.

Fraud Identity Theft

A person was the victim of Fraud Identity Theft on NW 71st Ter on 01/28/2022. The victim alleged that someone stole his identity due to mail being delivered, stating an account was opened under his name.


Holmberg Rd.

On 01/26/2022, two juvenile females had a physical altercation at the school bus stop.

Holmberg Rd.

On 1/28/2022, a caller advised that a 12-year-old girl had been left at school aftercare and that her mother had refused to pick her up. Deputies made telephone contact with the mother, who eventually picked up her daughter, 1 hour and 10 minutes late.

NW 64th Dr.

On 01/30/2022, the reporter and her neighbor had a verbal dispute over parking and each other’s dogs.

Found Property

Estuary Dr.

On: 01/25/2022, the reporter’s husband found sunglasses and a garage door remote in the grass in front of their house.


A person was the victim of Stalking in Parkland on 01/27/2022. Deputies responded about a possible domestic disturbance. While contacting the victim and others involved, the investigation revealed no domestic disturbance had occurred and that the victim was receiving threatening voice messages and emails from the suspect.

Theft From Building

A person was the victim of Theft From Building on Acadia Ct on 01/31/2022. Four impact windows from doors were stolen from four different homes under construction. Tot. Est. Loss: $8,200.

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