Parkland-Resident-Owned petNmind Expanding "Paw"sibbilities

By Bryan Boggiano

Parkland resident and petNmind founder Adrian Archie is making history.

Archie is now the first African-American to launch and sell franchises in the pet industry — an industry valued at $21 billion, according to a press release.

The news comes as petNmind opens its first franchise location in July in Fort Lauderdale, at 736 NE 3rd Avenue.

The one-stop shop for pet needs originally opened in Coconut Creek in 2016 at 6578 State Road 7.

The company focuses on quality and nutrition as a healthier alternative to pet foods found on the shelves of traditional pet supply and supermarket retailers.

Besides holistic dog and cat food, petNmind also provides supplements, pet supplies, and subscription-based hygiene services.

These hygiene services include employee washing, de-shedding, ear cleaning, and nail clipping. petNmind also offers monthly non-anesthetic dental services.

The company also has a recurrent subscription program for dog wash customers who can use the facility an unlimited amount of times per month.

“By bringing petNmind to downtown Fort Lauderdale, we are looking to educate pet owners and offer only quality products, said franchisee Brandon Felton. “Everything in our store is holistic and high quality, and we love people, so customer service will always come first for us.”

Adrian, who lives in Parkland with his wife, Melia, a privacy attorney, and two daughters, graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in psychology after switching from pre-vet.

For the better part of his life, Adrian played football professionally for a  brief time. He later spent ten years in medical device sales but was determined to return to his passion for working with animals.

In 2020, he spoke about the struggles that petNmind faced, but he also noted that the company would continue to serve the community, including his two cats and two dogs.

The business will continue to extend franchise opportunities across the country and provide franchisees with training and ongoing support from senior management.

Other locations opening in 2022 include Miami and Atlanta.

“Franchisees don’t have a huge payroll or staffing issues,” says Archie. “As an involved owner who can be semi-absentee, all you need is a quality manager and two or three part-time employees passionate about pets.”

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