By Jill Fox

In a quest to uncover the next Thomas Edison, Park Trails Elementary School students made some discoveries of their own.

In their final project of the year, third-graders were asked to create an invention and make a prototype to display at their annual Invention Convention.

Students from Corinne Church and Heather Bergan’s classes studied the process an inventor goes through to solve a problem and create a solution.

“To help inspire curiosity and imagination, the students studied inventors, the invention process, and marketing,” said Church.

For weeks, they identified problems, researched their idea, designed a product, and created an advertisement to help sell their item. Using mainly recycled materials, students developed ideas about helping the environment, simplifying tasks, and solving problems.

Finally, the students presented their inventions to parents and other students at their annual Invention Convention in the school cafeteria.

Some had built enhanced school supplies, such as a “marshmallow pencil” and the “eraser 2.0,” while others focused on simplifying chores, with the “Hover Cleaner 1000,” for example.

From shoelaces to toilet paper, these students came up with some out-of-the-box solutions to the most common problems.

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Jill Fox
Jill Fox
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