Coconut Creek Fire Cadet Program Welcomes Future Heroes on October 7
Coconut Creek Fire Cadet Program.

By Ryan Yousefi

The Fire Cadet program of Coconut Creek Fire Rescue is hosting an event to educate future heroes and their parents about careers in fire rescue and emergency services.

As part of its program, the Coconut Creek Fire Rescue will host a Parent and Cadet meeting on Saturday, October 7, at 9:00 a.m. at 4701 Johnson Road, Suite 8. 

The Fire Cadet program is a two-year-old initiative to support the education of aspiring young firefighters and emergency medical personnel. The program is tailored to high school students aged 14 and above. 

During the Parent and Cadet night, attendees will be able to learn about the program’s details, requirements, and benefits. The event will also provide parents and potential cadets with an in-depth understanding of the program and how it can shape their future.

Once a member, the Fire Cadet program offers comprehensive training in basic firefighting skills, first aid, and CPR, preparing cadets for real-world emergencies. Cadets will also participate in local events and competitions hosted by the Chief’s Association and other cities, gaining hands-on experience and a taste of their future careers.

If you or your high school student want to join the Fire Cadet program, visit the official website:

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