By Kevin Deutsch

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes and other Parkland incidents through November 29, 2021. 


NW 77th Ter.

On 11/24/2021, the caller woke up to find his house and cars marked with green paintballs.

Trails End

On 11/23/2021, deputies made contact with reporting person at Pine Trails Park, who advised he thought there was blood all over the men’s bathroom near the soccer fields. It was not blood but cherry-flavored Kool-Aid Liquid that someone squirted on the walls, floor, and inside the urinal and toilet.

S. Lago Vista Cir.

On 11/27/2021, an unknown juvenile damaged the victim’s holiday decoration/arch PVC pipe placed over the sidewalk.

Property Damage

Aqua Ct.

On 11/23/2021, the reporter advised that while his vehicle was within the construction zone, a forklift backed into his trailer/forklift, thus causing damage.

Suspicious Incident

NW 83rd Ct.

On 11/24/2021, the reporter advised she found three screwdrivers on the side of her house. Deputies were called to her residence recently due to her seeing lights at her bedroom window.

Suspicious Vehicle

Vista Ter.

On 11/24/2021, the reporter stated that a black Nissan Altima with five unknown subjects was parked in front of his house and fled when confronted. The reporter’s previous vehicle was stolen out of his driveway last month.


Guay Almora, Dalia Maria, 57, was arrested on DUI Alcohol or Drugs charges on NW 66th Ct on 11/26/2021.

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