Adorable Pets Await Their Forever Homes at Humane Society of Broward County
Ollie and Remi {Humane Society of Broward County)

By Sharon Aron Baron

Two particularly striking personalities stand out among the many heartwarming stories waiting to unfold at the Humane Society of Broward County.


Meet Ollie, a petite dynamo filled with infectious joy. Weighing just 36 pounds at one-and-a-half,  this delightful fellow is all about cuddles, affection, and belly rubs.

Jessica Farbman Price

He may be pint-sized, but Ollie’s charisma is colossal. Sadly, due to his previous owner’s lack of time, Ollie searched for a new family to call his own. He’s a bit playful; he’ll chase after a ball, although he might get too distracted to bring it back.

And as for toys, they better be resilient for this little champ. It’s worth noting that this bubbly boy is incredibly child-friendly and gets along with other dogs.

Initially, his enthusiasm might come across as restlessness when you spot him in his kennel. However, once outside, Ollie reveals his true nature; all he yearns for is companionship. Having waited almost two months, Ollie is eager to find a loving home and create cherished memories.


On the feline front, there’s the uniquely gorgeous Remi, who, with her varied patches, resembles a beautifully assembled quilt.

At six years old and weighing 11 pounds, Remi has a distinct preference for being the sole cat of the household. She has an interesting past, having lived with other cats but displaying a mischievous side by hoarding food from her peers.

However, she has co-existed peacefully with dogs and children in previous homes. For Remi, the ideal setting would feature a cat tower, optimally situated near a window. This way, she can indulge in her favorite pastime of observing the outside world while basking in the sun.

If either Ollie (ID A660130) or Remi (ID 673804) has tugged at your heartstrings, or if you wish to get to know other wonderful pets, visit and complete the pre-adoption application.

Located at 2070 Griffin Road in Fort Lauderdale, the Humane Society of Broward County opens its adoption kennels every day from 11 a.m. For inquiries, feel free to call 954-989-3977 ext. 6.

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