Coconut Creek City Commission To Discuss Proposed Greystar Cocomar Logistics Business Park Development
Greystar Cocomar Logistics Business Park from Atlantic Boulevard

By David Volz

Soon, there will be a new industrial park in Coconut Creek named Cocomar Business Park.

The Planned Commercial District (PCD) project will include three separate buildings that will be primarily for warehouse/light industrial use but can house indoor recreation, including indoor pickleball. Greystar will build it on 36 acres at Atlantic Boulevard and Lyons Road.   

During the November 9 meeting, the Coconut Creek Commission issued final approval for the property to accommodate light industrial use. The site plan for the Park was approved, providing for about 384,000 square feet of light industrial space. Buildings A and B were reduced by 20 feet in length as a condition of approval.

The final square footage will be determined once the City receives a revised site plan/floor. The developer will be providing over 15 acres of common green areas within the project, according to Yvonne Lopez, spokesperson for Coconut Creek.

Coconut Creek Greenlights Cocomar Business Park Ushering in a New Era of Sustainable Industrial Development
Site plans for Greystar Cocomar Logistics Business Park

Mayor Joshua Rydell and other commissioners spent hours deliberating over the decision. “The developer made significant concessions. The project will be scaled down. There can be a gym and fitness area,” said Rydell.

During the meeting, emails from residents were read and entered into the record. Some residents spoke to the commission in person. More people spoke in favor of the project than during a previous meeting.

A representative for Greystar promised the PCD would not have an excessive number of large trucks. Sustainable Development Director Scott Stoudenmire spoke to the commission and said that the Cocomar project met the City’s Comprehensive Plan requirements.

Also, during the meeting, Rydell requested information on the number of native plants that would be placed on the site. A landscape engineer for Greystar promised 960 trees, 358 palms, and 9,000 shrubs.

Plans for a 4,000-square-foot community garden with walking paths and a water preserve are in development.

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