Coconut Creek Man Arrested After Search of Home Reveals Major Drug Trafficking Operation
Zeus Ramirez {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A man is facing a multitude of felony charges related to drugs and weapons following two arrests in the same week, the second following a search of his residence that exposed it as a central hub for a significant drug trafficking operation.

Zeus Ramirez, 20, of Coconut Creek, was taken into custody on back-to-back days in late October after the Coconut Creek Police Department first arrested him for a significant cache of drugs and firearms during the execution of a search warrant at his residence.

The sequence of events began to unfold on Monday, October 23, when an officer acting on a tip observed Ramirez engaging in a hand-to-hand narcotics transaction near the 6800 block of Northwest 39th Avenue. 

According to records, the officer witnessed Ramirez making a drug deal exchange and performed a subsequent traffic stop, which led to the discovery of a myriad of crimes. 

The arrest report indicates the traffic stop began with the officer noticing a strong odor of marijuana enveloping Ramirez’s vehicle, prompting a K9 Officer to conduct an air sniff, confirming the presence of the drug. An ensuing search uncovered nearly 30 grams of suspected marijuana and a bottle of Promethazine Hydrochloride, a prescription drug known on the streets as ‘Purple Drank.’

Ramirez was arrested and transported to the Broward County Main Jail. He was later released. 

The saga turned darker the following day, October 24, as law enforcement obtained a search warrant for Ramirez’s residence at 6800 NW 39th Avenue within the Country Lakes Mobile Park.

The culmination of an ongoing narcotics investigation, the warrant was approved by a judge following Ramirez’s initial arrest. During the execution of the search warrant, detectives uncovered a vast array of illegal substances and weapons concealed in Ramirez’s bedroom. 

The inventory of drugs found included 309.8 grams of cocaine, 10.8 grams of heroin pills, 878.2 grams of marijuana, 4.4 grams of THC resin, 5 grams of Oxycodone pills, LSD tabs, and 53.8 grams of Psilocybin.

The discovery also featured 21 individual 16-ounce bottles of Promethazine, each labeled with RX labels, indicating they were obtained by a pharmacy possibly working in tandem with Ramirez.

The search also discovered multiple firearms and other drug paraphernalia, including five scales, vacuum-sealed bags, a vacuum sealer, a package of small plastic Ziploc baggies, and several new empty commercial marijuana Ziploc baggies.

Ramirez was located and arrested at his residence by Coconut Creek SET detectives later in the day. He faces an extensive list of charges, including possession with intent to distribute multiple drugs, possession of stolen firearms, and trafficking offenses. 

Upon interview, Ramirez told detectives he obtained many of the prescription drugs from an employee of a Miami Walgreens location.

Ramirez was released from the Broward County Jail after posting a $64,500 bond.

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