Appreciation Event Held for Supporters of Marjory’s Garden 
Members present a sign to donors at Marjory’s Garden in Parkland {Photos courtesy Kyle Jeter}

By Enza Motta

An appreciation fundraiser for Marjory’s Garden showcased its progress as a club, garden, and healing space. 

Located at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the garden started six years ago as a science demonstration,  then evolved into something more significant, not just for the students but also for the community.

As part of the May 22 event, a sign was commissioned to honor those who donated funds to keep the garden going. Refreshments were offered, along with homegrown produce fresh from the grounds.

The day included special performances from some of the students of the Stoneman Douglas Orchestra and poetry readings from current and past garden presidents. To top it off, all donors received personalized pillows courtesy of School Board Member and Parkland resident Lori Alhadeff.

Among the donors are Hard Rock Classic Casino, Eagles’ Haven, Cutler Rader Law, Broward Health, and Roman Consulting Group.

Previously, generous donations from  Lowe’s and BrightView Landscaping Services as well.

Appreciation Event Held for Supporters of Marjory’s Garden 
Marjory’s Garden Club Members.

Jennifer Scheckowitz, president of Marjory’s Garden Club, said, “Thanks to the support of all those who have collaborated, the students have enjoyed movie nights, astronomy nights, game nights, and lunches every Wednesday.”

She added that mulberries, Jamaican cherries, papaya, pineapple, and various vegetables such as celery, string beans, carrots, and cherry tomatoes are grown in the garden. And it is also a sanctioned wildlife sanctuary, where we have birds, bees, butterflies, rabbits, and more.

The club’s ambitions don’t stop there. 

Still working to make significant improvements to the space, upcoming projects include adding water features, a greenhouse, a new aquaponics area, and birdhouses.

“Next year’s plans are to become more financially independent and start selling our vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, bamboo crafts, mini-locks, and maybe tiles or personalized bricks,” she said.

For volunteer opportunities for students or adults, please text @msdgarden to 810-10 2. To support the garden, please visit Funding-Marjory’s-Garden.

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