State Representative Hunschofsky Hosts Mental Health Town Hall in Coconut Creek
State Rep. Christine Hunschofsky and Dr. Scott Poland will address mental health challenges and the importance of getting help for those issues.

By Ryan Yousefi

State Representative Christine Hunschofsky will host a special town hall event to raise awareness and provide valuable resources to those struggling with mental health issues at the Mental Health Town Hall.

The event takes place on Tuesday, September 12,  at 7:00 p.m. in the Coconut Creek City Hall Commission Chambers, located at 4800 West Copans Road.

Representative Hunschofsky and her guests will address the challenges mental health troubles pose and the importance of getting help for those issues, of which the first step is bringing together experts and community members to address them.

The Town Hall meeting will feature a special presentation on suicide prevention delivered by Dr. Scott Poland, a respected Psychology Professor at Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Poland will share his expertise in this field and critical insights and strategies for preventing suicide—a topic of paramount importance during National Suicide Prevention Week, which runs from September 10 to 16.

Following Dr. Poland’s presentation, a panel will participate in a roundtable discussion about mental health issues. The meeting will include experts from Eagles Haven, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Broward Chapter, and The Broward Behavioral Health Coalition. 

Following the panel discussion, attendees will have a period set aside to field questions from attendees. 

Representative Hunschofsky, a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, believes that discussing the topic openly and learning about available resources is paramount in addressing the mental health crisis affecting countless individuals and families.

“Our goal for this town hall is to empower and engage the community by bringing them together with knowledgeable professionals who can educate them on the resources available,” said Representative Hunschofsky. 

“National Suicide Prevention Week, from September 10-16th, is an important time to educate and raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental health.”

“Nearly everyone has encountered mental health challenges, personally or through someone they know. The only way we can address this crisis is to openly talk about it, learn more about it, and identify the available resources to address it.”

For more information about the event, including registration details and updates, follow Representative Christine Hunschofsky’s Facebook page.

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