Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill Officers and Commit Knife Attack on Roommates
Jose Helio Almeida {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A man is facing several felony charges for assaulting police officers who intervened to prevent him from attacking his roommates with a knife.

On February 4, the Coconut Creek Police Department responded to the Country Lakes Mobile Home Park after 911 calls reported a man with a knife threatening multiple people in his residence. 

According to the report, upon arrival, the suspect, later identified as Jose Helio Almeida, 48, of Coconut Creek, began also threatening police officers and resisted arrest, leading to a dangerous and tense standoff.

Before the officer’s arrival, Almeida, who allegedly had been threatening to kill his roommates while holding a knife, told law enforcement over the phone that he would disarm any officer who entered his residence and use their weapons to kill them. 

Upon arrival, officers, fully equipped with department-issued gear and clear police insignia, gained consent from the homeowner to enter the property. 

Announcing themselves as police, they approached Almeida’s bedroom, but the encounter turned violent when, during a pat-down, Almeida headbutted an officer, causing injury to his cheekbone. 

The situation continued to intensify as Almeida was being escorted to a patrol vehicle, during which he kicked an officer in the knee and resisted arrest. He also spit on multiple officers, necessitating the use of leg restraints and a spit sock for the officers’ protection.

Almeida was eventually subdued, arrested, and transported to the Broward County Main Jail.

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