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By: Matt Rothman

Marjory Stoneman Douglas bowling continues to perform well after wrapping up their regular season. 

Masen Purcell continues to be one of the top bowlers in the county. After five matches, he has a high score of 430 from earlier this year in two games. 

Harjith Pradeep and Ryan Terpstra have each knocked down over 1,000 pins this year, while Xander Greyvensteyn has a high score of 243 in his two games on November 17. 

Gabriela Montes averages a score of 103, while Alyssa Paris averages 99. They have both knocked down 1,200 pins in 13 games this year. 

Next up, the team will have a match on Monday, November 30, at SpareZ in Davie in the County Championship.

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