Middle School Break-In: Teens Discovered In Library Entered via Unlocked Door
Dylan Jacob Spaeder {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A teen is currently dealing with felony charges for burglary and trespassing on school grounds after allegedly breaking into a middle school to smoke marijuana.

The teens discovered an unlocked door earlier in the day, allowing them to access the school.

On July 19, the Coconut Creek Police Department responded to a late-night silent alarm from Lyons Creek Middle School at 4333 Sol Press Boulevard.

Upon arrival, CCPD officers searched the school. They reviewed live security footage that showed two individuals, one later identified as Dylan Jacob Spaeder, 18, of Coconut Creek, and another an under-aged male, walking around inside the school’s library.

According to records, officers swiftly entered the school to confront the two individuals spotted in the footage. They issued loud verbal commands ordering them to remain still with their hands raised. 

Arrest records show Spaeder and his accomplice quickly followed commands and were detained for questioning. 

During questioning, the officers noticed drug paraphernalia in plain sight – two burnt marijuana cigarettes, broken-up marijuana on a nearby table, and a white medical container containing fresh green marijuana.

When questioned about their presence in the school, Spaeder admitted that he had found an unlocked door on the Northeast stairwell earlier that day. The duo decided to leave and return later to smoke discreetly within the school premises.

According to the report, Spaeder was familiar with Lyons Creek Middle School from his previous attendance during middle school years and was fully aware that the school was closed for the summer, particularly after midnight. 

When asked by officers what he was doing inside the school smoking marijuana, Spaeder reportedly replied, “I came here to be inside.” 

Spaeder was arrested and transported to the Broward County Main Jail. The underaged male he was with was also arrested for Trespassing On School Grounds and Burglary Unoccupied Dwelling.

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