Restaurant Issued Stop Sale Order after Anonymous Complaint Triggers Inspection that Discovers Live Insects
Bar Louie in Coconut Creek, FL. {Google Maps}

By Ryan Yousefi

Following an anonymous tip, a Coconut Creek restaurant underwent a food and health inspection, uncovering many violations that included live insects, prompting authorities to issue a stop-sale order.

An anonymous complaint led to a food and safety inspection of Bar Louie, located at 4443 Lyons Road, on August 1, which uncovered ten violations.

According to the report, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspected Bar Louie, revealing numerous violations that warranted immediate action and a follow-up inspection.

The inspection reportedly discovered ten violations that prompted a Stop Sale order, including the discovery of live small flying insects found in various restaurant areas, including the kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area, and bar. 

Inspectors also noted the presence of live insects inside a closed pan of pineapple at the bar and around live small flying insects near a soda gun near beer taps in the bar area.

Temperature control for food safety was another concern identified during the inspection, with one example of issues found to be Blue cheese-stuffed olives being held at a lukewarm temperature in the bar area’s garnish tray, significantly above the recommended degree. 

The inspection notes that when an inspector asked an employee how long the olives had been left out at that temperature, they revealed the time to be over three hours.

Further temperature violations were discovered, including items held in the bar area’s reach-in cooler and under the flat-top grill. At the same time, on-scene employees were able to take action by icing the items and closing lids, eventually bringing the temperatures to within an acceptable range. 

Bar Louie was also out of compliance by not having a certified food service manager on duty, a requirement for establishments that employ four or more employees handling food.

As a result of these multiple violations, inspectors deemed a follow-up inspection necessary to ensure that corrective actions have been taken.

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