Kids Can Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Spitfire Farm's Holiday Horse Camp
Snowman, one of their most recent rescues {Photo by Ejola Cook}

By Jill Fox

Looking for a way to get your kids some fresh air and fun during winter break? Spitfire Farm has the perfect solution.

As a working mom of four, Ejola Cook knows how hard it is to find a safe place to keep children occupied without their electronics. Spitfire Farm’s Holiday Horse Camp gets kids out in the fresh air, learning the parts of running a farm, caring for horses, and participating in activities like painting horses and nature walks.

Located right behind Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek, the premier equestrian facility was recently purchased by Ejola and her husband, Paul.

Paul is in the active reserve in the Air Force, which contributed to the name Spitfire Farm after one of the most famous aircraft in the world —the plane that won the Battle of Britain during World War II.

Ejola, a corporate attorney, was once a competitive rider and always dreamed of getting back into it. Four children and a corporate career later, she now has.

“With four kids, ages seven to 15, I needed to find something for me,” said Ejola. “I started riding again after 20 years, and it was like I never stopped.”

The five-acre property houses 26 horses and is one of the few farms in Coconut Creek where horses can be ridden into Tradewinds Park, enjoying the miles of equestrian trails.

Each of the family’s eight horses has its own story. The majority are rescues; one is a retired racehorse, five came from kill pens, and Snowman and Gingerbread are their most recent additions.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors At Spitfire Farm's Holiday Horse Camp
Children are painting Fawn in color-safe toxic-free paints. {Photo by Ejola Cook}

Ejola said the farm is very family-oriented, and it’s a true labor of love. She wanted to share that with others, so she assembled an experienced team of camp leaders to make that happen.

“We had the idea for a camp and thought it would be a great way for kids to try something new,” said Ejola. “They can get out and explore, and all of our horses are gentle.”

Spitfire Farm’s Holiday Horse Camp takes place Monday, December 20 through Thursday, December 23, and Monday, December 27 through Thursday, December 30, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., with before and aftercare options available.

Starting at age five, campers will be placed in groups of five as they enjoy horse riding, arts and crafts, nature walks, and more.

The cost is $85 per day or $300 for the week, and limited space. Children should bring their own lunch. Reserve a spot by calling 954-903-1772.

Spitfire Farm is located at 4201 Vinkmulder Road in Coconut Creek.

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