Mexican Restaurant Ordered Closed After Inspection Discovers 11 Food and Safety Violations
Toreros Mexican Grill. {Google Maps}

By Ryan Yousefi

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation ordered a Coconut Creek restaurant to close its doors after an inspection discovered serious food and safety violations.

On July 17, Toreros Mexican Grill, located at 6588 North State Road 7, underwent a food and safety inspection that led to the discovery of 11 violations, issuing a mandatory “Stop Sale” order and a follow-up inspection in the coming days. 

According to the health inspectors’ report, a “Stop Sale” was issued due to the discovery of food being stored under a dripping water line, most notably, uncovered cooked pork exposed to the dripping water in the walk-in cooler, leading to a significant risk of foodborne illnesses to customers.

Inspectors also viewed the presence of dead roaches on the ground in the bar area, leading to a mandatory cleaning and pest control order. 

In the intermediate, the inspector took immediate action, removing, cleaning, and sanitizing the affected areas, but indicated in the report that the issue warranted further attention and follow-up inspections.

Another violation was related to odors emanating from the washing area with no apparent source of origin.

The report also indicates the restaurants’ cooling and food safety practices violated industry standards; notably, cooked beef was discovered cooling overnight in the walk-in cooler. 

Additionally, the inspector observed the staff’s adherence to proper hygiene practices to be in clear violation.

During the inspection, kitchen employees were seen outside wearing gloves and touching food contact surfaces and their faces without changing gloves or washing hands. 

The inspection also found multiple food items being held at incorrect and unsafe temperatures.

Certain temperatures are conducive to bacterial growth, posing significant health risks to consumers.

As a result of the violations, Toreos was issued a “Stop Sale” order, and a follow-up inspection has been deemed mandatory to assess the restaurant’s progress in rectifying the issues.

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