Toreros Mexican Restaurant II,
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By Ryan Yousefi

A Coconut Creek restaurant was ordered to close its doors after a health inspection triggered by a complaint revealed various violations, including a roach infestation.

Following an inspection conducted by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation on August 9, Toreros Mexican Restaurant II, at 6588 North State Road 7, has been directed to cease its operations and halt food service.

The inspection — the result of an anonymous complaint — uncovered a total of 13 violations, which included the detection of a roach infestation and various food safety concerns.

According to the report, inspectors found live roach activity throughout the restaurant, including the crumb catcher of a front booth in the dining room, under shelving directly above the cook line’s flip-top cooler, inside the gasket at drawers under a flat top unit on the cook line, inside a bowl at the ware washing area, and in the crease where the wall meets the triple sink in the ware washing area.

The report also noted the presence of dead roaches throughout the restaurant, including those near a low-top single-burner stove to the left of the cook line in the kitchen and on the ground between hot holding cabinets on the cook line. 

Inspectors highlighted what they deemed terrible odors in the report from the cookware washing area, marking a repeat violation from previous inspections.

Food safety lapses were identified, including food-contact surfaces soiled with debris, mold-like substances, or slime. The inspection specifically pointed out that the can opener blade was found soiled.

Violations noted also included the mishandling of food items, including issues with the time/temperature control of some items and food marked with dates that exceeded seven days after opening or preparation. 

The inspector noted in the report being particularly concerned that staff did not know more about foodborne illnesses and symptoms.

In response to these violations, Toreros Mexican Restaurant II was ordered to cease operations immediately until all corrective actions were taken and the restaurant met the required food safety and hygiene standards.

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