17 Days of Celebration; One For Each Victim
On Jan. 31, munch on some Oreos in honor of Nicholas Dworet. {Photo by Anshuman Mohapatra from Pexels}

By Jill Fox

With just under 17 days until the fourth anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the community is encouraged to take time to remember each of the victims in a unique way.

The 17-Day Celebration, created by former MSD student Elizabeth Stout, honors one person each day with a specific act of kindness.

According to The Independent Florida Alligator, Stout, a 22-year-old political science major and the former March For Our Lives Gainesville president, came up with the list to recognize something unique about each person. There’s running for Scott Beigel, dancing for Jaime Guttenberg, and munching on Oreos for Nicholas Dworet. The list concludes with spending Feb. 14 with loved ones.

The community is encouraged to participate in the activities, which appear on social media every year around this time.

Here is the complete list of days and tributes for each person.

Jan. 28 Alyssa Alhadeff: participate in outdoor activities

Jan. 29 Scott Beigel: run, jog, or walk

Jan. 30 Martin Duque Anguiano: watch space movies

Jan. 31 Nicholas Dworet: munch on some Oreos

Feb. 1 Aaron Feis: do a random act of kindness

Feb. 2 Jaime Guttenberg: dance

Feb. 3 Chris Hixon: eat peanut M&M’s

Feb. 4 Luke Hoyer: shoot some hoops

Feb. 5 Cara Loughran: watch a Disney movie

Feb. 6 Gina Montalto: express your artistic capabilities

Feb. 7 Joaquin Oliver: listen to music with headphones

Feb. 8 Alaina Petty: wear purple

Feb. 9 Meadow Pollack: workout

Feb. 10 Helena Ramsay: read

Feb. 11  Alex Schachter: drink a smoothie

Feb. 12 Carmen Schentrup: shop for shoes

Feb. 13 Peter Wang: play video games

Feb. 14 For you: spend the day with loved ones

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Jill Fox
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