Coconut Creek City Manager and City Attorney Receive Salary Boost in Annual Review
City Manager Karen Brooks and City Attorney Terrill Pyburn.

By Bryan Boggiano

The Coconut Creek City Commission’s annual reviews are in for the city manager and city attorney, and the results show a mixed picture.

City Manager Karen Brooks and City Attorney Terrill Pyburn were in the hot seat at the September 26 city commission workshop, where elected officials reviewed their strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance in the past year.

Brooks received a largely mixed reception, with commissioners stressing the need to improve information sharing and communication systems, succession plans, the city’s visibility at public events, and the relationship between departments.

Commissioner Jackie Railey said there is information coming from departments at different times, while Mayor Joshua Rydell said there should be a better advising system for disseminating city-related information.

Other criticisms, commissioners stated, include the city’s website not being user-friendly.

“I think the website’s a nightmare,” Railey said.

Commissioner John Brodie discussed issues related to the importance of hiring the right people, human values and communication, respect, and learning from past mistakes, issues he said he continues to see.

“We keep stubbing our toe on the same rock, and it’s embarrassing…,” he said. “I wish we had change. I wish we had growth. I just don’t see it.”

But, they did compliment her on maintaining the city’s financial health, employee training, and engagement with employees.

The city commission reached a consensus of 4-1 to give Brooks an average rating. Only Railey gave Brooks an above-average rating.

Brooks’s salary will remain at$313,185 per year, but she will receive a four percent cost-of-living adjustment. The commission, however, agreed to give her a roughly $16,285 lump sum bonus.

Pyburn received stronger reviews from the commission, who praised her knowledge, the quality of her staff, and her and her staff’s reputations at the county, state, and national levels.

They praised Pyburn’s research into various issues that came in front of the commission and affected the city, which presented numerous potential courses of action and options.

“The knowledge you bring is second to none,” said Commissioner Jeffrey Wasserman.

The city commission unanimously gave Pyburn an above-average job performance and a three-percent salary increase before any cost-of-living adjustments. Her current $292,448 per year would increase to roughly $301,225. Pyburn will also receive a lump-sum bonus of roughly $8,777.

Pyburn will receive a four-percent cost-of-living-adjustment in July, the month she originally signed her contract.

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