Coconut Creek Commission Remembers 13 Fallen U.S. Service Members 1
The city commission, city staff, and state legislative delegation honor 13 military members killed on Aug. 26, 2021. {Bryan Boggiano}

By Bryan Boggiano

The Coconut Creek City Commission paid their respects to 13 active duty service members killed in the Kabul, Afghanistan, airport bombing in 2021.

The commission remembered the fallen service members in connection with Remember Everyone Deployed (R.E.D.). Multiple commissioners wore red in solidarity.

“At Remember Everyone Deployed, we want to make sure the 13 fallen U.S. service members will never be forgotten and that people understand the impact this has made on so many lives and families,” stated Gloria De Paul, R.E.D. CEO and founder, in a press release.

Sunday marks two years since an ISIS-affiliated suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at the Hamid Karzai International Airport. Gunfire followed the explosion—at least 183 people, including 170 Afghan citizens and 13 members of the U.S. Military.

Coconut Creek Commission Remembers 13 Fallen U.S. Service Members 2
Thirteen U.S. military members were killed in action on Aug. 26, 2021 [City of Coconut Creek}

The attack came as the U.S. evacuated its military members and other personnel from the country.

Rev.Maria Montesino led a prayer convocation, gave remarks, and read a poem to honor the fallen service members. She recounted how they left grieving family and friends behind and how the city believes their legacy and sacrifices are never forgotten.

“This is a true sacrifice,” Montesino said. “They will always be heroes.”

For Commissioner John Brodie, a U.S. Army disabled combat veteran, the Aug. 26, 2021 events were personal to him. He showed emotion at times during their commemoration.

In an earlier statement, he urged others to remember the 13 fallen active duty service members.

“It is important for everyone to remember our 13 fallen brothers and sisters in arms. The willingness to protect civilians and deployed military at the cost of their own lives shows the true courage of our military. My prayers go out to their families. Let us never forget their sacrifice.”

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Coconut Creek Commission Remembers 13 Fallen U.S. Service Members 3
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