Coconut Creek Teen Receives Special Honor for 'Doing the Right Thing'
Cooper Frengut of Coconut Creek.

By Rachael Nestel

A Coconut Creek teen received an impressive award for his acts of kindness towards his fellow high-school students.

Cooper Frengut, a sophomore at Xceed Preparatory Academy in Coral Springs, was recently recognized by his teachers and fellow students with the “Do the Right Thing” award at a ceremony held by the Coconut Creek Police Department on December 15.

According to his teachers and peers, Frengut was nominated for this award for his leadership and kindness toward fellow students after befriending a special needs student and walking her to her bicycle to help her get home safely. Frengut also gifted the student some Pokémon cards when he discovered she loved to collect them.

“My classmates do more for me than I can ever do for them,” Frengut said. “Each of my peers brings something different to the table, and Xceed is a full buffet.”

Many were in attendance to celebrate Frengut’s award, including his teachers, the Head of School, and the SGA President from the Coral Springs campus.

According to their website, Xceed Preparatory Academy prepares students for life in college and beyond, using individualized learning strategies in a safe and supportive learning environment.

The academy has several locations in Coral Springs, Weston, and Miami. In addition, Xceed Preparatory Academy offers online instruction to students for a comprehensive academic experience in an advanced virtual environment.

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Rachael Nestel
Rachael Nestel
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