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By Jill Fox

The Heron Bay Golf Club will soon have a new owner as North Springs Improvement District (NSID) and Clublink have reached an agreement.

According to District Manager Rod Colon, NSID signed a contract on March 3 to purchase the land and buildings for $32 million, far below the appraised value of $33.5 million.

“We negotiated a great deal,” said Colon. “It took a very long time to do, but we did it.”

Purchased in 2010 for $4.75 million by ClubLink, the Heron Bay Golf Course spans 223 acres in both Coral Springs and Parkland.  The Canadian corporation owns several other South Florida clubs, including the Woodlands Country Club in Tamarac, Palm Aire in Pompano Beach, and Eagle Trace Golf Club in Coral Springs.

A hot button issue in Parkland since the golf course closed in 2018, NSID has spent more than a year negotiating the agreement with the primary purpose of improving stormwater retention.

As the water provider for nearly 40,000 residents in Parkland and Coral Springs, Colon feels the Heron Bay purchase will help prepare them for the future with the anticipated growth in the area.

In a coordinated effort between NSID, Coral Springs, and Parkland residents will see a district-wide assessment of between $80 and $100 annually to help pay for the drainage.

Currently, NSID is fighting hard to obtain grant funding from the state, potentially alleviating some of that cost.

In the proposed plan, 150 acres will be utilized for stormwater retention, including giant storm drains to protect the city from flooding. Recreational walking trails and green space will cover the stormwater drains, while the other 70 acres of the parcel will be used for commercial development.

“We’re hoping for a Mizner Park type of feel,” said Colon, who is excited about finding the right type of development to bring in good commercial opportunities for the area.

Mayor Rich Walker said the acquisition is definitely a positive outcome for Heron Bay residents and, ultimately, Parkland residents.

“I think it gives the residents of Heron Bay the security they need to know that it’s going to stay green space,” he said. “A thoughtful commercial project would also benefit the city of Parkland.”

Excess cash reserves will cover the cost of the 70 acres, and developers will have a chance to present their commercial development ideas.

Colon said it would be a coordinated effort between the three government agencies. He already has a meeting with City Manager Nancy Morando to see what, if anything, the city would be interested in purchasing.

NSID has until December 31 to close on the property.

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Jill Fox
Jill Fox
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