Mama Asian Noodle Bar Live Roach Infestation Sparks Mandatory Follow-Up Health Inspections
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By Ryan Yousefi

Subsequent health and food safety inspections will be now required for a Coconut Creek restaurant to remain open following a health assessment that unveiled a series of violations, including a live roach infestation.

On August 22, Mama Asian Noodle Bar, located at 4437 Lyons Road, underwent a routine health inspection by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which revealed a total of seven violations, including the presence of dead and live roaches, as well as improper food storage practices.

According to the inspectors’ report, the most alarming discovery during the inspection was the presence of dead roaches in various areas of the restaurant, including a spot under a shelf, under the sushi line, and a hand wash sink on the cook line. 

Roaches were also observed in the triple sink drain, near a freezer on the left side of the cook line, and outside the liquor storage door to the right of the cook line. 

The report indicates Mama Asian Noodle Bar took an immediate response to the roach issues and promptly removed, cleaned, and sanitized the affected areas.

The inspection details raised concerns about food safety practices at Mama Asian Noodle Bar, explicitly making mention of lettuce, cabbage, and tomatoes used to prepare salads found in a beverage display at the front counter, located directly next to the front door. These items were stored uncovered, with no protection provided from potential contamination. 

As a result of the inspector’s findings, they moved these food items behind the counter to ensure their safety and maintain proper hygiene standards.

In light of the violations discovered during the inspection, a follow-up inspection will be required to ensure that Mama Asian Noodle Bar has rectified these issues and complies with health regulations.

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