Inaugural Parkland Event Raises Over $11,000 For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
Brett Moskowitz, Jared Moskowitz, Leah Moskowitz, Marilyn Moskowitz, Jessica Isrow and Jordan Isrow

By Jill Fox

The First Annual Battle for Pancreatic Cancer in Parkland raised over $11,000 on Saturday in memory of Michael Moskowitz.

“For the first year of the event, I couldn’t have been prouder,” said Jessica Isrow, 34, who organized everything in under two months while her father fought for his life.

Moskowitz, 68, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on January 15, just days after watching his son, former Parkland Vice Mayor Jared Moskowitz, sworn in as a county commissioner.


Inaugural Parkland Event Raises Over $11,000 For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
Michael Moskowitz, Marilyn Moskowitz, Leah Moskowitz , Jessica Moskowitz Isrow, and Jordan Isrow at the swearing-in ceremony on January 12. {Ken Cutler}

Diagnosed in July 2020, Moskowitz was known to many as an influential lawyer and lobbyist. But, to his daughter, Jessica, he was her hero – “the true definition of a fighter.”

Isrow, a 20-year resident of Parkland and married to Commissioner Jordan Isrow, chose to honor her father by organizing The First Annual Battle for Pancreatic Cancer, a day of fundraising centered around a family-friendly CrossFit workout.

Inaugural Parkland Event Raises Over $11,000 For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
CrossFit Hardcore West “The Park” event

“I love working out, and I was talking to Andrea Kanterman, who owns CrossFit Hardcore, about wanting to do an event to bring the community together,” said Isrow, who called it “a military operation.”

“My dad was a huge planner,” she said. “Whenever we went on trips or planned events, he had an organizational list for everything and often called it a military operation – that was his style of planning things.”

The event, attended by more than 150 donors, took place on Saturday morning at the Parkland Amphitheatre and consisted of music, shopping, raffles, food trucks, and a CrossFit class dedicated to Moskowitz. Kanterman, who led the class, even incorporated specific numbers into the workout to represent Moskowitz’s birthday and his four grandchildren, as well as the day he died.

The event raised over $10,000 for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Donations can still be placed here.

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