Representative Hunschofsky's Flood-Resilient Infrastructure Bill Unanimously Passes House Floor
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By Sharon Aron Baron

Florida State Representative Christine Hunschofsky (D-Parkland) has successfully sponsored a bill to expand the requirements of Sea Level Rise Impact Projection (SLIP) studies, which passed unanimously on the House floor.

The bill, HB 111, requires SLIP studies for publicly-funded construction projects in any area threatened by sea level rise rather than just those on the coast.

“Without proper SLIP studies on publicly-funded infrastructure projects, communities can be left in the dark on how floods threaten infrastructure,” said Representative Hunschofsky. “This legislation will safeguard communities against the impacts of flooding and sea level rise while preparing them for the future.”

SLIP studies help governments understand how sea level rise could impact state-funded construction projects, providing critical insights into the safety and economic implications of coastal flooding. Hunschofsky emphasized the importance of such studies in protecting communities from flooding and preparing them for the future.

The new bill will ensure that inland communities affected by sea level rise have a better understanding of how flooding can affect them, allowing them to take appropriate measures to prepare for future risks.

“Florida faces increasing threats from rising sea levels and stronger storms,” said American Flood Coalition Florida Director Kate Wesner. “With this bill by Representative Hunschofsky, inland communities affected by sea level rise will better understand how flooding affects them and take appropriate steps to prepare.”

The bill is expected to lead to more innovative long-term investments in infrastructure, as it ensures that infrastructure can withstand rising seas and stronger storms.

By accounting for sea level rise in all publicly-funded construction projects, Florida can take a clear-eyed view of flood risk and commit to safeguarding its future. “By accounting for sea level rise for all publicly-funded infrastructure projects, the state of Florida has a clear-eyed view of flood risk, committing to safeguarding its future,” said American Flood Coalition Executive Director Melissa Roberts. “This legislation marks yet another step in the state’s historic leadership on building flood resilience across Florida.”

The new bill follows the Florida Legislature’s overwhelming passage of the second Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience bill last year. This legislation established a statewide resilience office and created the position of Chief Resilience Officer, further cementing Florida’s leadership in building flood resilience.

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