Roach Infestation Temporarily Shuts Down Silverspot Cinema in Coconut Creek 2
Silverspot Cinema {Promenade of Coconut Creek}

By Ryan Yousefi

Following an inspection, food safety violations prompted the temporary closure of a movie theater in Coconut Creek.

On August 22, the Silverspot Cinema, located at 4441 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, was ordered to temporarily close its doors after health inspectors discovered multiple violations, including a roach infestation.

During a routine unannounced inspection, health inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation reportedly found seven violations, the most alarming being the observed presence of live roaches in various areas of the theater.

According to the inspection report, live roaches were found inside a soap dispenser at the kitchen’s washing/cook line handwash sink, on the wall behind racks holding clean wares, and inside another soap dispenser at a different handwash sink in the same area.

The report also shows inspectors found roaches on the premises, signifying a long-standing issue.

The inspection also revealed other violations, including a filthy floor with a significant accumulation of debris under the cook line equipment and a collection of soil residues in the interior of a reach-in cooler with four drawers.

Inspectors noted in the report that there was an absence of soap at both the handwash sink and the ware washing/cook line handwash sink, with hand sanitizer being used as a substitute.

Silverspot Cinema released a statement to Local 10 News in response to reported violations;

We take matters of cleanliness and hygiene very seriously at Silverspot. The occurrence of live and dead roaches in our dishwashing area was an isolated issue that we believe stemmed from the delivery door being open for an extended period, allowing pests to enter. It was never near the food handling area.” the Silverspot Cinema spokesperson said.

“Regarding the other matters in the report, our deep cleaning procedures took care of any other concerns cited by the health inspector. Sanitizer was accidentally placed instead of soap, which was immediately addressed and switched.”

In the cinema’s response, Silverspot’s spokesperson made it a point to emphasize that the incident does not reflect their usual standards, as evidenced by our clean inspection record since the cinema opened its doors in 2015.

“We want to assure our guests that we have taken steps to prevent such incidents in the future, including reinforcing our pest control measures and tightening our delivery area protocols,”

“We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we remain committed to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience.”

According to records, health inspectors will continue to conduct follow-up inspections to confirm Silverspot complies with sanitation standards and that the roach infestation was an isolated incident, as they claim in repsonse.

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