By Dan I Cook

Coconut Creek and Coral Springs residents, brace yourselves for a culinary delight that has been long overdue in the area. The Fish Joint, a fast-casual seafood concept, has recently emerged as a beloved food stop, leaving locals craving for more. 

With its impressive menu, daily specials, and a reputation that precedes it, The Fish Joint is making waves in the culinary scene.

As State Rep. Christine Hunschofsky and I embarked on our food adventure, The Fish Joint was the second stop on the list. 

To my regret, I had not discovered this hidden gem earlier, but upon entering, it was evident why Christine, my food-savvy companion, had been raving about this place.

The Food

The menu is predominantly seafood but offers hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads.

A fast casual seafood concept like this is long overdue for this area. The fact they offer daily specials makes my wallet and belly smile.

I ordered the Lobster Roll for $19.95, which was the daily special. It comes with hush puppies, and I got a side of their cheese grits.

Christine got the Shrimp Platter with a cup of Clam Chowder. She also bought some food to go for her son. Since Christine grew up in Boston, she loves the chowder here.

The Owner, Brian, also recommended the Tuna Nachos, which we also sampled.

Lobster Roll

Maine claw and knuckle meat (hot or cold)

I got the hot version. They take approximately 8 ounces of lobster meat and cook it with some garlic and butter. All that goodness is then placed between a buttered hot dog-style roll.

I enjoyed the excellent portion but asked for some lemon to squeeze on top. Christine rolled her eyes when I did this and kept telling me you don’t put lemon on a lobster roll.

Since I’m a native and grew up in the mean streets of Downtown Oakland Park, I ignored her advice and squeezed some fresh lemon on top. The lemon just gave it a punch of flavor that I’m accustomed to. Y’all do what you want. Overall, it was damn good.

Ahi Tuna Nachos 

It’s described as fried wontons, seaweed salad, baby tomatoes, sesame seeds, fresh avocado, and spicy aioli.

I loved this. The cherry tomatoes mixed with the tuna kind threw me off when I first saw it. I’ve never had a Poke Style dish like this with tomatoes, but they complimented the entire bite.

The different textures/flavors of this dish, with the freshness of the tuna, is why you should order this. Once you take a big bite, you will understand what I mean—great job, whoever put this together.


If the Whales Rib in Deerfield Beach, The Fish Shack in Lighthouse Point, and Long John’s Silvers in Oakland Park had a baby, it would be The Fish Joint. Trust me, that’s a good thing.

Christine is a fan of the clam chowder and the fried shrimp platter, and her son loves the lobster rolls. “They are both consistently fresh and delicious and remind me of food I had growing up,” she said.

Her . “Their daily specials are a great deal and an opportunity to try several of the items on the menu.”

We are lucky to have this restaurant/concept in Coconut Creek and Coral Springs. If you haven’t been, you need to go and give it a try. We will both be back for sure.

Our next stop will be The Gem Eatery, located at 1043 North State Road 7 in Margate. The date and time will be announced later.

If you have any suggestions on where our Food Tour should go next, please place them in the comments.

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The Fish Join is located in the Banyan Square Shopping Center at 4570 Lyons Rd, Coconut Creek, FL 33073.  Open every day except Mondays from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

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