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Somerset Parkland Academy – Photo by Parkland Talk

By Kevin Deutsch

Two guns belonging to the principal of Somerset Parkland Academy were accidentally brought into the school inside a box Thursday, according to local news reports.

The box had been removed from the trunk of Principal Geyler Castro’s car and was not intended to be brought inside the K-8 charter school, according to a statement issued by the school’s governing board, the reports said.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our students, staff, and school community,” said the board, adding that the school “strives to maintain open lines of communication” with students’ families.

After the guns were discovered, the box was secured in a locked room inaccessible to staff and students, the reports said.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the property and have opened an investigation.

“No one intended to bring a weapon into the building,” the governing board’s statement said. “The box was among many items brought into the locked room from the principal’s vehicle.”

The board also said BSO “determined there was no threat” and that “our students were never in any danger.”

“Our students’ safety and security is our paramount concern.”

It is a felony to bring a firearm into a school in Florida, according to state law.

Neither BSO nor the school’s governing board immediately responded to requests for comment.

It was unclear Saturday whether Broward prosecutors were weighing criminal charges in the case.

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